Recently, I changed my operating system from Windows to Linux (Ubuntu)

I’ve been used uVision5 from Keil for W7500 project but it is inconvenient in using it  on linux. So I changed my mind to use ARM GCC toolchain and Eclipse IDE

This post describes the process of installing eclipse IDE for C/C++, ARM GCC toolchanin and W7500 libraries on ubuntu.

Installing ARM GCC toolchain & eclipse IDE for C/C++

W7500 is one of Cortex M0 processors so that we can start with the development environment for any MCUs of STM32F series from STMicro.

As there are plenty of tutorials and documents about anything we want, we don’t need to do everything from origin. The below link is so helpful to ones who want to set up the development environment with Eclipse and ARM GCC.

I also followed the steps in below link and finished installing these tools in a few minutes.

Setting W7500 library up

Download a ZIP file from WIZnet’ github repository and unzip it on a proper folder.

Below is a screen shot of the directory where W7500 libraries locate in

Screenshot from 2016-05-18 15-51-30

Now, we’are ready to make a runnable binary.